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In the beginning!
It was November 1997 and we were running a pit down by San Felipe for the Iron man. Ivan broke before Borrego and we had all the tools and food and pit stuff… so we thought about where we could go to set up a “mercy pit” along the course to help whoever needed us.  We ran up to Tres Hermanos, got a fire going, set up lights, cooked dinner and settled in for the night well ahead of the first race car.

Through the course of the night we dumped some oil into a 5-1600 car and gave last rights to a shock mount on an 11 car and in the process came up with a concept.  Since we’d be at the races anyway, why not combine spectating with running a good pit for whomever needs us?  We all love to off-road so we would pick the most remote spot possible.  Not only would getting there be an adventure but we also would be of most help to racers where no other assistance was available.  For the first time for many of us we would get to watch the entire race go by.

At the ’98 San Felipe 250 we set up our first pit on top of Azufre Pass.  A 20 mile long, really deep, whooped, steep, sandy wash full of boulders headed up to that point so it looked like a good spot.  We change a tire for Jason Baldwin and did a bunch of work on all kinds of cars. We had a real blast. We pitted the 1000 in ’98.

Since then we’ve pitted the 500 once and the 1000 twice up in the pine forest ’98 & ’99, twice at the silt beds at El Cuarenta 2000 & ’02, once on that really silty hill by San Telmo Rd in ’01, in the silt at the beach at Punta Canoas in ’03.  In addition to “mercy †pits” we also regularly act as one link in a chain of full service pits offered by pit clubs, first for Mag 7 then for Baja Pits.

We get asked all the time about our membership.  We don’t have membership!  Locos Mocos is an organism not an organization.  Without getting all zen about it we just flow.  With the exception of rotating the pack mule duties between a couple of guys.  We just show up and throw up one of the best pit operations Baja racing has known.