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LM doubles up serving food for “Dezert People 8” video premiers!! post image

LM doubles up serving food for “Dezert People 8” video premiers!!

Baja Jones smiles for the camera

LOCOS MOCOS member and co-founder Curtis Guise just released the 8th video in his off road series appropriately titled “Dezert People 8”. The video is filmed in HD quality, features intense race action, in car & heli footage plus the standard LOCOS MOCOS Baja Pit’s support and dynamite pit antics! Curtis contacted head Moco, “Baja Jones” to staff and set up the LOCOS MOCOS Taco stand for both the 2nd and 3rd round of the DP video premiers. The crew raised nearly $5,000 from their raffle and in taco stands tips that will be donated to www.fast-aid.org. It is great to share the Taco experience with people who are not fortunate enough to stumble into the pit on race day and see the set up that this crew transports to remote areas in Baja. I’ve attended these pits for nearly a decade and must admit………they serve 5 star meals in the middle of nowhere.

LOCOS MOCOS pit members Val, Billy & Papa John received much needed help from Baja Pits Carlos as well as Paco, Randy, Israel. The K1 event drew over 1,000 industry and non industry attendees. Several manufacturers were on hand to support the event. To purchase Dezert People 8 or any other video in the series check out www.dezertpeople.com!

Roger Norman & K1 Event Facts:
LOCOS MOCOS & Baja Pits cooked over 200lbs. of carne and pollo asada
All proceeds went to Fast Aid
K1 tip jar raised $1024.00
Off Road Warehouse donated $350
Almost $5000 total was raised at the Roger Norman / K1 premiers

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