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The map is out and we will head back to the foot of the Sierra Juarez to a little known and less visited spot called Cohobuzo Jct. The LMC crew will be running pit number three in the chain of ten world famous Baja Pits service areas at RM 128. Locos Mocos is prepared for the often scorching desert heat Cohobuzo Jct is famous for. Equiped with our patented fresh water wash down system the crew is ready to lower an overheated riders body temperature to normal in seconds. We have been told the soaking keeps them cool for eighty miles, well past Borego drying out just in time to begin their assent back into the mountains. For those joining us at the pit we will be serving the usual gourmet grub and as always BYO everything else. It is easy to say and hard to accomplish but once again Baja Pits will be pitting one third of the entire Baja 500 field. Expect seventy Bikes and Quads and thirty to fourty 4 wheel vehicles. Count on us for information as well. The Locos Mocos pit will once again be operating a state of the art scoring system and will have status on every vehicle through our location.  The LMC purpose built trailer will insure your spare junk will be at the most remote pit location on the race course at every event. The rolling tire shop/gas station/fab shop has been a welcome sight to racers in a bad way now for thirteen years. Many a disabled race vehicle has limped or been towed in and left under it’s own steam, many to go on to finish. Since this is not our first rodeo at the Cohobuzo Coral, we can highly recommend all UTVs and ATVs send in spare tires. The  rocky  approach to the summit and the bolder strewn stair step down the escarpment have sent many a racer limping from our pit on a flat tire for another thirty five miles of miserable wooped up race course. For questions on how to sign up for pit service call Carlos Orozco at 619-596-8033. See you all in Baja

Baja Jones

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  • Baja Bros May 12, 2010, 5:03 pm

    I hear a buzzing sound……

  • Chris White "tiny" May 14, 2010, 8:17 pm

    Fun times right there. Can’t wait for the 500!

  • BCG1 May 23, 2010, 7:09 am

    >>I hear a buzzing sound……<<

    Sweetern' honey place to pit.

  • Julio June 3, 2010, 11:38 pm

    OOOO crap! can’t wait for baja 500! 😀


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